Want more Instagram Followers? Start Posting Videos?

News 03:04 April 2024:

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I don’t know how much you love dancing, but a 15 second video of people dancing could be all you need to increase your instagram followers drastically. Actually, if you have been keen on instagram network for a while you probably know this. Pages known for posting interesting videos have the highest number of fans and this could happen to you too should you become a little bit more creative. After all, people love dancing but they just won’t admit it. They want to watch others dance or tell jokes but since instagram only offers a fifteen seconds opportunity, you must be very creative to come up with short but interesting clips.

There are a lot of other video clips you can post to attract more likes and followers, but the highest concentration lies in dance videos. Girls who love to dance have gained massive following in recent times, while comic videos have also seen people gain massive success. People who love sports could also share short but highly interesting video clips of sports related activities. The rest of us who may not be so talented can post good morning messages with their families or inspirational quotes more often. After all, what people want is an interesting video and they could soon become your biggest fans.