Try SnapcodeTo Add Snapchat Followers

News 10:05 May 2024:

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Very few people explore the use of snap code in their snapchat camera, but it is a great way of gaining more snapchat followers. It is as simple as scanning a snap code by pointing the camera at it. Snapcode is a unique yellow box with unique dots that surround your profile picture that appear as a ghost. To get the personal snap code, you just tap the snapchat ghost on your screen. To scan the code and display the users details, press and hold the code in your camera screen snapchat. After scanning, tap on the add friend button and the person will automatically be added to your snapchat followers. It is now upon him or her to add back if he or she feels to do so. It can be different if the person you added allows videos or snaps from anyone.

It is important to save a picture that has a snap code on your profile to enable detection of others that contain a snap code on it. It is important therefore to allow the snapchat to access your photos in your device storage to determine which friends have a snap code and those not. If they have, a prompt “Add Friend” will pop up and you can go ahead.